Study Overseas Consultantz is the best Canada Education Consultants in Hyderabad. Have you quite recently finished your intermediate or graduation or post-graduation and need to pursue further education abroad? Do you wish to be a piece of one of the best overseas education framework? Studying in Canada would be your best choice!

In spite of the fact that most of the students have an eye studying in the USA, because of intricate visa policies, this seems like a daunting task. Be that as it may, let us share with you one beneficial thing. The USA is not the only country offering the best education plans. Rather there are various different countries offering the best education and facilitating simple visa policies. So, if you wish to fulfill your dream to study abroad and simultaneously need the procedure to be hassle-free you should plan to study in Canada.

Presently, this would carry you to the absolute first question of why Canada is the best place to study. Here check the appropriate answer.

Why Study in Canada is Worthwhile?

Having a close look at the recent statistics of the past couple of years, Canadian students rank has earned some top positions in international tests and assessments sorted worldwide. The nation is known for offering exceptional quality of education in fields like mathematics, science, reading, business and more. In addition, even practically all top corporates and worldwide organizations recognize Canadian degree or diploma a reputed and regarded certificate.

Other than these, here are other prominent reasons that make studying in Canada a sensible choice.

  • Canada is an Awesome Place to Live
  • High Living Standards
  • Education at par Excellence
  • A Safe and Secured Region
  • Relaxed Policies and Rules for Immigrating Students
  • Lucrative Job Opportunities
  • Flexible Educational System
  • Canada is a Multicultural Country

Education System in Canada

The Canada education system incorporates both publicly funded institutes and private schools. The nation has a plentiful number of Technical Institutes or Community Colleges, Universities, Language Schools, University Colleges, Career Colleges, and Secondary Schools.

Education in Canada is a common obligation managed by the Canadian constitution. This implies that there is a huge distinction between the education systems of different territories. Education is essential to Canadians, and they are centered around maintaining high-quality standards in this concern.

Universities in Canada

If you are planning to study abroad, at that point you definitely investing money in this regard. Therefore, it becomes essential for you to know about colleges and universities in Canada that makes it an outstanding country to study.

Canada holds an extensive selection of Universities and Colleges situated in rural as well as urban settings. The degree and diploma obtained from these Universities are equivalent in terms of relevance and applicability to those obtained from American and other Commonwealth universities and colleges. These universities are publicly funded. Thus, they can offer high-quality services and solutions, regardless of area of study. Indeed, they hold a high degree of academic autonomy.

The University year runs from May to September. Some of them have a trimester concept, while others have a yearly semester system. The courses in all the universities start in summer.

University Colleges in Canada

The University Colleges join Canadian university and college traditions with a strong base of applied and academic projects offered inside the premises of the campus. As the real part of the Canadian University framework, these colleges give students a wide decision of academically arranged university degree programs. The University colleges distinguish from colleges of other universities as far as student support services, small batches and excellent infrastructure. They may even give a consolidated certificate and degree programs along with university transfer programs.

Technical Institutes in Canada

Another popular decision of education in Canada is college and technical institutions. These institutes offer professional programs ranging from 1 year to 3 years that are extraordinarily applicable in the job market.

A portion of the community colleges provides university transfer programs that empower students to take courses, which are parallel to those offered from the initial two years of a 4 – year university program. You can apply to your desired university to gain admission to complete the whole course.

There are right around 175 post-optional specialized schools and organizations in the nation that are dealt with by Members of the Association of Community Colleges. The two and three-year courses offered in these foundations are professionally situated and explicit.

Cost of Studying in Canada

You would be happy to realize that studying in Canada is very reasonable when compared to other western countries. Some of the latest detailed fetched for you are:

  • PG degree course starting from CAD$12,000 to a limit of CAD$22,000.
  • Four-year certification course of Bachelor’s degree course starting from CAD$13,000 to CAD$19,000 per year for most of the undergraduate degrees.
  • Diploma and Advanced Diploma Courses beginning from CAD$11,000 to CAD$13,000 per year according to the course.

Cost of Living in Canada

Canada offers students a complete scope of elite choices for studying in Canada. You can choose on-campus as well as off-campus stay options like hostels, a rented house, homestay and more. The average cost of the stay for foreign students in Canada shifts between CAD$8,000 to $12,000, depending upon the type of stay and location.

Factors to Consider While Selecting Canada for Overseas Education

In spite of the fact that Canada is the perfect option for students who wish to avail quality education in various domains, still there are some significant factors that you should consider before you decide on an educational program in Canada.

  • Diversified Options
  • Admission Process
  • Government Regulation
  • Tuition Fee
  • Affordability and Cost of Living
  • Culture

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