Study in UK

Study Overseas Consultantz is the best UK Education Consultants in Hyderabad. Have you quite recently finished your intermediate or graduation or post-graduation and need to pursue further education abroad with or without IELTS? Do you wish to be a piece of one of the best overseas education framework? Studying in United Kingdom would be your best choice!

Presently, this would carry you to the absolute first question of why UK is the best place to study. Here check the appropriate answer.

Why Study In UK?

The United Kingdom is the second most popular student destination in the world. The quality of education in the UK is assessed by official bodies such as the Quality Assurance Agency, guaranteeing that institutes in the UK maintain the long-standing tradition of excellence in education.

The people are welcoming. UK is famed for its friendliness to foreign students, and the locals are accommodating to those learning their language and culture.

Institutions in the UK are globally known for high quality of education. A degree from the UK is recognized worldwide, guaranteeing you a vast amount of possibilities upon graduation. Cost of living is significantly lower than in the US and other countries. A UK degree will open doors worldwide. You’ll be able to expand your network of contacts and interact with many international employers.

Education System in UK

The responsibility of education in the UK is delegated to four jurisdictions – England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland. All of these regions have different forms of education systems, qualifications and individual laws/regulations. The major differences can be found in general and secondary education resulting in each region having its own credit frameworks and qualifications.

Study levels

The education system in the UK consists of four stages:

  • Primary education
  • Secondary education
  • Further education
  • Higher education

Top Universities in UK

 The elite institution has climbed one place since last year’s ranking and is now the fourth best university in the world, while their rival institution the University of Cambridge has dropped one place to rank seventh.

Cambridge is far from along among UK universities in seeing its rank fall this year, with 56 of the country’s 84 universities dropping at least one place.

However, there continues to be four UK universities within the global top 10, as you can see from the table below. Read on for more information on the top 10 UK universities, and view the full results of the QS World University Rankings 2020.

Cost of studying in the UK

The cost of studying in the UK for international students varies from institution to institution. Undergraduate programmes could cost somewhere around £10,000–35,000 and postgraduate programmes could cost somewhere around £9,000–42,000, depending on a classroom-based or laboratory-based programme.

Scholarships for international students

Some of the popular scholarships to apply for include Chevening scholarships, Marshall scholarships and Commonwealth scholarships and fellowships.  University scholarships that are on offer include Rhodes scholarship at the University of Oxford, Edinburgh global research scholarship, University of Sussex chancellor’s international scholarship, Bristol University international office scholarships, University of Westminster international scholarships and many more.

Benefits of studying in the UK

  • Still the very best for education in law, sciences, management and humanities.
  • Has the finest research and teaching facilities.
  • Students can find affordable housing options, and student hostels and home-stays are available too.
  • A degree from a reputed institution in the UK will enhance your CV.
  • A number of scholarships are offered by numerous organisations and universities.
  • Some colleges and universities allow students to work part-time (20 hours per week). But the institutions that are listed on the official UKVI sponsor list and the list of recognised bodies are only allowed to give such liberty to their students.
  • Meritorious students can progress to a doctoral course and conduct research.