Why Study In The United States?

Study Overseas Consultantz is the best USA Education Consultants in Hyderabad. The number of international students in the United States is increasing with more and more students are choosing the USA as they study destination to seek higher education. International students see the USA as a country to expand their culture, experience and continue their education.

The United States Education System

The education system is very well controlled and regulated, unlike other nations, the United States central government does not control the educational system. On the other hand, the higher education frameworks are either controlled by public schools or private schools and the real contrast between the two types of schools is the cost. Private schools are progressively costly to attend public schools because private schools don’t get any government funding whereas public schools to receive funding.

Education is mandatory in the USA until the age of 16, and many number of students do complete high schools. After completing 12 years of primary and secondary school, the students often begin higher education or post-secondary learning. The 1st level of higher education is undergraduate study and the student may further seek their education to get graduate education also called postgraduate education.

  • Undergraduate Study

University students who are seeking their Bachelor’s degree are called undergraduates. Most of the universities offer undergraduate students a liberal education, which means students are required to take courses over several disciplines before choosing one major field of study in which to specialize. Undergraduate students will frequently ask one another, ‘what is your major means ‘what is your specialization’.

Courses in many universities are just one semester long. Each course is assigned several credit hours, based on how much time is spent in a class. Most courses are three credits, however some may be one, two, four or five credits.

  • Graduate study

Students who pursue Doctoral or Master’s degree are called ‘graduate student. Graduate and professional programs are specialized, which means students have one field of study from the beginning.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Explore Course Option
  2. Check Finance & Budget The Trip
  3. Prepare Admission Documents
  4. Submit Application
  5. Offer Received
  6. Apply For Visa
  7. Pre-Departure

Cost of Education In The United States

Average Fees At The US Universities (2017-18)

Note: Fees structure may change every year

Required Admission Tests To Study In The US

Admission Tests

College and Standardized Graduate Admission Tests such as :

  • GMAT (MBA)
  • GRE
  • SAT (UG)

English Language Tests

Some English Language Tests such as :

  • PTE

Application Checklist To The United States

To apply, the following materials are required:

  1. Application for Admission: Online or Paper
  2. Application Fees
  3. Academics:
    • Official Academic Transcripts
    • Transcript Evaluations
    • Evidence of English Proficiency
    • G.R.E., G.M.A.T
    • Statement of Purpose
    • Recommendation Letters (In closed envelope)
    • Resumé
    • Passport

Factors to Consider While Selecting USA for Overseas Education

In spite of the fact that the USA is the perfect option for students who wish to avail quality education in various domains, still there are some significant factors that you should consider before you decide on an educational program in the USA.

  • Diversified Options
  • Admission Process
  • Government Regulation
  • Tuition Fee
  • Affordability and Cost of Living
  • Culture

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